Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding is a versatile tool.  It’s not only useful for applying materials to combat wear but also for rebuilding items that were previously unrepairable. While it provides a full metallurgically bonded weld, laser clad is a cool process so it does not distort items such as shafts or hollow rolls as other weld processes do.  This allows for cost reduction and the ability to improve performance.  Most materials can be laser clad.  This includes castings and exotic metals.

Bearing Reliability

In the steel industry, bearings make the world go around. They are used everywhere on everything and are critical in many applications. Mill Maintenance offers products to help bearings combat wear, friction, lack of lubrication, and contamination from dirty environments. We can greatly improve the life of your existing bearings in all applications.

Machining and Millwright Services

In order to be of maximum benefit to our steel mill customers, Mill Maintenance provides turn key abilities to make and repair parts and assemblies. From complete roll and bearing units to mandrels, pinion shafts and chocks. Our company is well versed in a variety of steel mill equipment and how to provide optimal performance for the items that make a mill run efficiently and reliably.