Roll Armor

Rolls Built for Abuse

The steel making process exerts its own form of abuse on equipment. Heat, thermal cycling, sharp product edges, abrasion, erosion, and impact all can play a part in the damage and wear of a roll. Gouges, galling, cracks, cuts, dishing can be the results of every day steel producing. The carbide armor is made to endure and excel where other coatings can’t. By combining the laser clad process with carbide held in an alloy matrix, rolls that utilize MM material will endure a mills most challenging applications.

Laserclad Benefits

*Up to 20 times life improvement

 *No regrinds or dressing necessary

 *Minimal to no pick up

 *Reconditioning possible even on hollow rolls

 *New or used rolls can be clad

 *Rapid return on investment

 *No heat affected zones – Cool process

Laserclad Mill Applications

*Hot strip mill looper, table, guide, pinch rolls

 *Medium and Heavy section table rolls

 *Bar mill guides, looper, pinch and cooling bed rolls

 *Pickle line guide and flattener rolls

 *Galvanize line furnace and sink rolls

 *Pinion and line shafts


Bar Mill Pinch Roll AS Clad
Medium Section Mill Table Roll As Clad Finish
Descale Pinch Roll
SBQ Apron Roll As Clad
Hot Strip Guide Roll - Grind Finish
Bar Mill Looper Roll
Beam Mill Table Rolls