Bearing Armor

Bearing Reliability Technologies

In most plants, 70% of maintenance costs come from parts that are $500 or less. That makes bearings a prime candidate for cost savings measures. Mill Maintenance has made a point to develop technologies that are innovative and will address the reasons that many bearings fail including lack of lubrication and contamination.

MMRF85 Friction Treatment

This treatment removes 99% of the friction in a bearing. Mill Maintenance can take your SKF, Timken, FAG, or any other manufacturers bearing and treat it to take the friction out. This allows the bearing to last longer and run with no or minimal lubrication. The treatment is good for high temperatures exceeding 1000 F. It is not a coating and does not change the bearing dimensionally or physically. Contact: for further information

The bearing on this side is a standard bearing that is not treated with MMRF85 It was run without lubrication at 3200 RPM with a 400 lb. load.

After 45 minutes the bearing temperature rose to an estimated 900F and suffered a catastrophic failure.

The bearing on this side has been treated with MMRF85. It was run without lubrication at 3200 RPM with a 400 lb. load.

The bearing ran for 100 hours until the test was shut down. The bearing was in good condition and never went past temperatures of 135 F.

Enviropeel Contaminant Protector

In the steel industry, contaminants are a major reason why bearings fail. Sparks, dust, slag, and are all reasons as to why bearings will fail. The Enviropeel Contaminant Protector acts to completely encapsulate the bearing, housing, and shaft inside a heavy coating. Because of the material used, the protector does not stick to anything so the shaft can turn while it is encapsulated. The protector is good to 200 F and works against most abrasive materials.